Not Giving In – Music space fights to stay open


ST KILDA EAST’S local record store and performance venue, Pure Pop Records is at risk of being shut down if it cannot manage to raise enough money to save the store from demolition.

Barkly Street’s ‘Pure Pop Records, an iconic record store in St Kilda East, faces demolition after almost eight years of business, due to the noise complaints of one local resident.

The local council has given the owner Dave Stevens an ultimatum: either he has to rebuild and soundproof his performance venue or close down the much-loved Pure Pop Records.
Mr. Stevens has to raise more than $150,000 to save his store but says he won’t give up without a fight.


“I guess I just want people to know how valuable it is to have live music venues like; we have 10 bands on a week, which is about 500 gigs a year that would be lost to the Melbourne music scene, if we close.”

Stephens has thus far raised $32,000 and is trying to raise the remaining sum through a fundraising campaign called “Buy-a-Brick,in which punters can pledge an amount of money towards the  renovations that need to be done, and in return receive a plaque commemorating their efforts on the wall in the new and improved courtyard.


St Kilda East locals are outraged over the complaints about what is known as an iconic part of Barkly Street. Local resident Tracey Ackerman says the noise complaints are completely unjustified.
“I think Pure Pop is absolutely amazing and it shouldn’t go anywhere.
I’m a neighbour, I would never complain. I’m right near here, and its never noisy at all”.

The Buy-A-Brick campaign has so far raised over $20,000 but is still quite far from its goal of $150,000, which is the total cost of the renovations and soundproofing of the courtyard performance venue. It’s set to take at least 6 months for construction to be complete; Mr. Stevens is hoping to reopen Pure Pop Records in spring.

If you would like to contribute towards the ‘Buy-A-Brick’ Campaign, you can do so at



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